Braithwaite has experience in design and manufacture of a wide range of products which support water storage and management.

The company provides in house design-manufacture-supply to construction projects. This provides greater accuracy in cost estimating, fewer problems during construction, and realistic design to construction scheduling. Our design engineers, cost estimators, and manufacture managers have the experience to complete contracts on time and within budget.

Hot Pressed Sectional Steel Tanks
GRP Tanks
Profile Steel Welded Tanks
Steel Towers and Support Structures
Ancillary Equipment
Bespoke & Innovative Design

Hot Pressed Sectional Steel Tanks

With over a hundred years’ experience Braithwaite has established an international reputation for the manufacture of high quality, reliable liquid storage tanks.

The Braithwaite hot-pressed sectional steel tank is the first choice for water storage with countries across the globe. The storage tanks have a proven track record, reinforced by customer testimonials and working examples of Braithwaite tanks operational fifty years after installation.

The sectional steel tank panels are hot-press manufactured at Braithwaite’s Newport, UK works in accordance with BS:1564:Type 1.

The steel used in the manufacture of all panels, stays, cleats and other components conforms to S275JR BS EN10025:(43A equivalent).

Tanks are Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations (WRAS) product approved for potable water storage.

Braithwaite operate to a certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System and have attested Factory Production Control and Welding Control Systems conforming to the requirements of BS EN 1090


Tank panels are designed to be bolted together in situ, on site using pre-punched EPDM rubber gaskets, high tensile fasteners, and supported by prefabricated cleats and stays bolted to the tank panels. Sectional tanks can be provided for ground level installation or elevated on steel structures.

Tank Size and Configuration

The standard configuration of Braithwaite tanks are either square or rectangular in plan with the tank capacity tailored meet client’s requirements. Tanks can be fabricated for volumes ranging from 1,000 litres to 15,000,000 litres.

In considering tank dimensions a minimum working clearance around a tank of 500mm is required for installation and maintenance.

Sectional tanks can be designed and fabricated to meet most new build or existing site restrictions or requirements. For example building columns can be accommodated with recess areas built into the tank design. Non-standard tank dimensions can be planned through a dialogue with our design and sales team.

Tank panels are available in two size ranges; imperial (1.22m² panel) or metric (1m² panel). The most popular sectional tank configuration utilises the 1.22m² panel (half panels are available), providing a cost effective use of materials to achieve a required capacity.

GRP Tanks

Glass Reinforced Polyester is a thermoset composite of polyester resin and glass fibre. Together they form a composite material which is strong, durable and ideal for water storage.

In the production of GRP components Braithwaite implement and maintain an effective quality system which complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001.

Braithwaite GRP tank panels are produced using the hot press moulding process in controlled manufacturing conditions. They are designed using finite element analysis techniques having a factor of safety in excess of the requirements of BS EN 13280, the specification for GRP cisterns for the storage of cold water. Panels can be supplied uninsulated or pre-insulated in the factory.

Braithwaite tanks have WRAS approval for potable water storage. Maximum height 4m.

Tank Size and Configuration

As with Hot Pressed Sectional Steel Tanks, the GRP Tank comes in a series of modular panels that can be bolted together on site to give an infinite range of sizes and capacities. With the appropriate combination of panels designs, units of any capacity from 1 to 10,000m³ or over can be constructed, in a configuration to respect any existing site restrictions (maximum height not exceeding 4m).

Profile Steel Welded Tanks

Profile steel welded tanks are designed and manufactured at Braithwaite’s South Wales works and delivered in sections for welding on site. The product provides an extremely strong and reliable storage tank with unlimited capacity. Many water utility providers, hospitals, breweries and defence establishments use this system rather than a concrete product providing a longer service life with minimal maintenance and at a lower capital cost.

The Braithwaite profile steel welded tank is designed to store large quantities of liquids, particularly in rural areas. The tank system is approved for use with potable water. With the appropriate design, units of any capacity from 1 to 15,000m³ or over can be manufactured and constructed in a rectangular configuration (maximum height not exceeding 6.10m) as standard.

Braithwaite implement and maintain an effective quality system which complies with the requirements of EN ISO 9001.

Steel Towers and Support Structures

Braithwaite design, manufactured and supply structural steel support towers that are a complimentary product for our range of water storage tanks. The structures have been developed over 70 years and are recognised in the industry as well-designed, efficient and economical structures.

The towers provide a static head of pressure where this is required. In order to choose the most suitable depth of tank for a given capacity at a known height, consideration must be given to pumping against a variable head and the pressure variations in the delivery main, both of which should be kept to a minimum.

The design of the towers is undertaken by our own engineering staff supported by computer aided design facilities. Towers have been designed, supplied and erected throughout the world and a wide range of sizes comply with BS.5950 Part 1 for steelwork and CP 3 Chapter 5 or BS.6399 Part 2 for wind loading. Designs can be undertaken for other standards, unusual wind speeds or earthquake factors.

Ancillary Equipment

In addition to tanks and structural steel towers Braithwaite Engineers Ltd designs and supplies ancillary equipment required to support water storage and supply. This includes valves, pipe work, handrails, staircases, ladders and service platforms.

All ancillary equipment are designed to the latest British or European Codes and Standards as appropriate for the application and location. Tower and ancillary components can be galvanised, painted or coated to suit the project requirements. Bottom ladder sections that are lockable or demountable can be included with safety hoops to meet safety standards.

Steel members are prefabricated for bolting together on site. All necessary nuts, bolts and washers are supplied and holding down bolts are included.

Bespoke & Innovative Design

In addition to the conventional water storage application of the Braithwaite tank there are numerous of examples where sectional steel tanks have been utilised for alternative purposes and functions. Examples include;

  • Flotation pontoons used as heliport landing platforms, crane mount platforms and a range of marine applications.
  • Tide simulating installation at the Hydraulics Research Establishment, Wallingford.
  • Metal fatigue test tank for the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough
  • Access shafts through the ice & snow on the Halley V Research Station in the Antarctic

Industrial design aesthetic

Recently, with an increased interest and popularity of an industrial design aesthetic, architects, interior designers and landscape professionals have used the characteristic, Braithwaite sectional steel tank in a number of novel design projects.

Braithwaite Engineers Ltd are a company interested to work in partnership with clients from a range of sectors to explore how we can extend the application of the Braithwaite tank beyond their original water storage function. Examples include;

  • Planters – Thames Path, London.
  • Nine Elms, the Plateau Garden Pavilion
  • Rooftop building façade, White Collar Factory, Old Street Roundabout, London
  • WW2 POW Water Tower - Bedroom Conversion