Braithwaite manufacture and supply Hot Pressed Sectional Steel Tanks providing significant benefits for our clients.

Braithwaite Engineers recognise that now more than ever resilience planning must be a forethought not an afterthought in commissioning water management products.

Major consideration has been given to the quality of materials and engineering features used in the manufacture of Braithwaite Sectional Steel Tanks to ensure we deliver a safe and sustainable water tank with an exceptionally long lifespan.


  • High quality steel used in the manufacture of pre-fabricated panels, life expectancy of 50 years plus.
  • Gauge of steel panels, depending on height 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm.
  • Hot pressed manufacture reducing stress on panels prolonging lifespan.
  • New generation of gaskets.
  • Easily managed refurbishment, replacements and repairs to modular elements.
  • Tanks can be adapted and extended if changes required.
  • High quality galvanised surface protection significantly reduces corrosion.

A Braithwaite pre-fabricated tank provides;

  • Flexible fabrication solutions with an infinite range of tank size and capacity.
  • Short installation time when compared with alternative products.
  • Simple on site assembly with the potential to use local semi-skilled labour.
  • Tank installation in areas of restricted access.
  • Tank construction in remote areas.