Braithwaite, a world leading provider of water storage tanks

The challenges the world faces in addressing water availability are enormous with significant social, economic and environmental implications. Ensuring a sufficient and constant supply of water through effective water management, storage and distribution is essential in securing a safe, healthy, prosperous and sustainable world.

‘Water is the resource that demands our respect’

Braithwaite Engineers Limited serves public and private sector clients in addressing fundamental needs for water storage solutions. We provide clients with technical engineering advice, design, product supply and construction management solutions to address their needs.

Our clients vary in size and scope from small businesses, public agencies and private companies to national governments and large corporations. We can design and manufacture as a stand-alone service or as part of an integrated project.

For over a 130 years clients have come to Braithwaite for the highest quality product, technical expertise, practical experience, and the global reach needed to deliver cost-effective water storage solutions.


An experienced global company and UK exporter. Braithwaite has a heritage of working in more than 90 countries covering most regions of the world, providing tried and tested engineering solutions tailored to address our customers’ most complex water storage requirements.

We have a proven reputation for technical excellence, working with clients to overcome common challenges to implementing water storage and water infrastructure projects.

Our capabilities extend beyond the traditional engineering and construction environments working in challenging climatic conditions, whether from the intense heat of sub-Sahara Africa to the extreme cold of the Antarctica.

The company prides itself on providing water storage in difficult terrain including seismic regions and remote sites that are often inaccessible if using alternative heavy plant and equipment. With a prefabricated sectional steel tank, Braithwaite provides flexible fabrication solutions, from small-scale water tanks to medium and large-scale structures.

Braithwaite has experience of working in fragile political environments and in regions where economic and regulatory uncertainty are just a few of the challenges of managing and delivering projects in an international context. The company has developed a positive working relationship with UK Export Finance, the UK’s export credit agency providing potential export credit support where required.

Braithwaite’s history of work around the world assures our clients of a strong partner with long standing trade experience to provide successful project delivery.



Originally founded in 1884 in the heart of Britain’s industrial Midlands the then Braithwaite and Kirk initially manufactured steel bridges.

Braithwaite progressed to become a world leader in heavy engineering building railways, bridges, piers and steel framed buildings worldwide. The rich history of Braithwaite engineering includes extensive work in India and Pakistan where the company constructed much of the railway network and rolling stock.

The company has been the forerunner in the production of ‘sectional steel water storage tanks’ since 1901 and continues to design and manufacture a contemporary steel tank product at its present day works in Newport, South Wales. A number of the largest sectional steel water tanks in the world have been designed and manufactured by Braithwaite.

Braithwaite Engineers Ltd is a company steeped in experience, providing expertise in the management, design and manufacture of water storage products based on a practical understanding of construction and engineering requirements.


Braithwaite clients range in size and scope from small business, public agencies and private companies to national governments, NGO’s and large corporations. We can design and manufacture as a stand-alone service or as part of an integrated project.

With a diverse portfolio Braithwaite water tanks are used in construction projects throughout the world supplying hospitals, hotels, retail, industrial plants, stadiums, and domestic water and sanitation providers, amongst many others, with safe and resilient water storage products.